The third chapter of “I Can Boogie” is the last film in the autumn campaign of Reserved directed by Gordon von Steiner. “Rendez-vous” slows down the pace to give way to a completely new interpretation of the theme song. In this part, the cover of “Yes Sir, I can boogie” for Reserved is performed in a very sensual way by one of the campaign stars - Joanna Kulig. She is accompanied only by the piano in a jazz arrangement. As in the previous chapters, this part also features Jeanne Damas, the French “it girl”. 


Rendez-vous” is a collection of impressions on the verge of dream and reality and shows the relation between the lead characters in a dance reminiscent of a 1930s tango. “I Can Boogie”, in a slow-paced, ambient performance of Joanna Kulig accompanies the interplay of glances, gestures and understatement between the female stars. Who leads and who follows? And the message? A contemporary woman can choose her role, both in dance and in life. In the film, Jeanne Damas and Joanna Kulig are intentionally contrasted, one of them is wearing a black wrap dress, the other one - an oversize shirt, as if taken straight out of a man’s wardrobe. 

“Femininity has an infinite number of definitions and each of them is beautiful"- this is how Monika Kapłan, Global Marketing Director of Reserved, explains the message of the autumn campaign. Hence the division into three parts, each devoted to a different vision of femininity. Although each of them is different, they are linked by the language of dance, which, like fashion trends, can be interpreted in many ways.


The “Rendez-vous” chapter is set in an elegant music club and announces the new Reserved Premium capsule collection.  Black and white, a lot of borrowings from the man’s wardrobe, and timeless classics. The Premium collection is all about quality - designers focused on high quality materials such as merino wool or cashmere, organic cotton and Pima cotton. The Premium collection offers base elements which are sure to remain our wardrobe essentials for long.


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