Re.Design03 capsule collection


The theme of the latest edition of Re.Design is a journey and an irresistible need for new discoveries and experiences as its inherent element. It is already the third edition of one of the most artistic designs of Reserved collection which focuses on quality and sophisticated and uncompromising design inspired by motifs related to the culture of Central and Eastern Europe.   As of today it is available on and in selected stores of our chain.  This season, Bhumika Arora, an Indian supermodel known from the catwalks of Chanel, Hermes or Missoni, is the star of the collection. In the photo shoot made in the original locations of Tbilisi she is accompanied by Piero Mendez.



Upland and mountainous landscapes of Eastern Europe were selected as the setting for the journey, and traditional craftsmanship, design and art of the region, which the brand’s designers combined with big-city street style, served as an impulse to create the collection.


The starting point of the journey is the ever-changing, bustling Warsaw. In Re.Design03, the energy and creativity of this metropolis is symbolised by a mix of classic pieces, such as coats and jackets with modernised, oversized cuts, with streetwear denim and jumpers.


Local craftsmanship and wooden architecture typical of the places visited during the journey are reflected in the collection in, among others, patterns and textures of warm, high quality knitted fabrics and the structure of corduroy, one of the dominant fabrics of Re.Design03.


The journey ends in the exciting Georgia, a country on the outskirts of the Old Continent, where European culture has been harmoniously intertwined with the influences of Russia, Asia and the Orient for centuries, creating a unique blend that today conquers the world’s fashion capitals for good reason. Re.Design03 draws on handicrafts, patterns of fabrics and carpets made by local artists and the work of the 19th century primitivists such as Niko Pirosmani, whose painting defined the colour palette of the collection. It consists of warm shades of dark blue, beige, brown and green, combined with burgundy and brick red, emphasized with golden yellows and contrasted with white.


The latest edition of Re.Design is also a journey through decades of style. Elements of the 1960s skiing outfit have been updated with a looser cut, typical for contemporary casual style. Velour, denim jumpsuits or bell bottoms - so characteristic of the 1970s - have gained a new touch rooted in the early 1990s. The echoes of deconstruction, visible in the women’s shirt or men’s down jacket, were combined with the strong trend of outdoor clothing vibe.


The stand-out pieces of the women’s Re.Design03 collection for this season include a coat designed on the basis of a trench, a short, tailored sheepskin coat with a collar and a white down jacket, going perfect with a skirt with an ethnic print. Other must-have elements include a cape, dresses with kimono sleeves, as well as shirts with elongated cuffs.  All in the highest quality.  The collection is complemented by bags - small - neck bags or belt bags, made of the same fabric as the coat - and shoes.  A wide selection of footwear from pumps, cowboy boots and sneakers will give almost unlimited possibility of juggling styles.


Some of the highlights of Re.Design men’s collection include a casual, double-breasted suit, oversized coats in black and carmel colours, with dramatically overscaled patch pockets and a down jacket with a collar that turns into a spectacular scarf. The scarves themselves also belong to the must-have items of the collection. The two-colour ones, spectacular in length and width, or more classic designs, but with the autumn/winter inscription which refers to the typography of the 1970s, also placed on sweatshirts, as well as modular backpacks, are a proposal for enthusiasts of a truly individual approach to fashion. www.

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