Packed school bag, the smell of new textbooks, newly arranged pencil case and the constant feeling of excitement - the first of September used to look like this in the past and looks exactly the same now. Going back to school is like an adventure! Reserved equips children with the best clothes for the occasion. Pastel colours are mixed with classic denim, and grey typical for suits with pink furry creatures. The first lesson begins!


The elegant white and navy uniform is now available in its modern, more easy-going version. Buttoned to the neck white shirt is decorated with charming ruffles sewn along the buttons like a slightly tricky, asymmetrical jabot. Classic skirts with pleats are, in turn, accompanied by braces. Reserved for girls evokes more associations with the parents' childhood: pink corduroy "bib and brace" dress and striped bib and brace trousers, the good old school bag - refreshed, of course, by an inscription resembling the chalk's movement on the blackboard, and a funny fur pocket. Comfortable sweatshirts (with elegant, contrasting lace trim) or T-shirts with inscriptions (wonderful, almost philosophical one: "if sleep is important then why school starts so early?") are also available in the collection. We have here as well a lot of references to adult clothing: grey, micro checked suit trousers, a selection of different models of jeans, or vintage-like sweaters. The style is softened by lovely accessories: coloured berets, baseball caps, fluffy hairpins or the plush "bunny" rucksack. The collection is complemented by a wide selection of shoes: from white laced ankle boots to sneakers, decorated, just like the rucksack or hairpins, with artificial fur.


This season, rascals decided to be more responsible. Yes, from the collection by Reserved they still choose sweatshirts and T-shirts with graffiti-like ornaments, but they tone down the outfit with ironed white shirts with tie and elegant corduroys. What counts is comfort, so denim jackets with imitation fur collars are oversize, jeans have been reinforced with additional patches on the knees, and shoes are strongly inspired by the trekking style. Laced, Velcro fastened boots fit the feet perfectly, even during extreme school-brake playground fun. Boys' accessories by Reserved include sports backpacks, colourful "bum bags" and grunge knitted caps with applications referring to the 1980s. The key material is denim: it is offered in virtually every variety, from classic to washed-out denim, from light blue to anthracite black.

This year's autumn collection by Reserved, created especially for the youngest pupils in mind, is available in sizes from ..... to ...... Made of body-friendly materials, equipped with cuffs, pockets or hoods making the clothes' cut more user-friendly, the collection is a wonderful composition for the coming season. Pleasing to the eye colours and funny slogans will improve children's mood and bring the latest trends straight to the classroom